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Episode 54: How Kim Hayden Is Helping Female Agents Break Through The Glass Ceiling

“We have 120 cities in the United States that are now over 200,000 people. That means we should have 120 very prolific women in real estate leading in those cities.⁣”

After a long and successful real estate career of her own, Kim Hayden decided to channel her energy into solving a problem she saw in the industry… the world of coaching and leadership is dominated by men. Episode 54 of The Smart Agents Podcast features our conversation with Kim about how she is working to level the playing field.

“First, I always get them into a multi-author book. I want them to get that published author credit underneath them because authorship builds authority.”

Through her multi-author Resilient Series, Kim helps top female real estate professionals find their voice and confidence to share their stories of success.

“By creating a stage, a platform that has a hundred women with a hundred different stories, I guarantee you, you give me 10,000 women and 10,000 women will identify with that a hundred women.”

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In this episode, we talk about...

1:32 Kim Hayden Introduction

3:46 What Led Kim To Begin Her Coaching Career?

5:26 Gaining The Confidence To Be Great

9:52 Watching Confidence Grow In Her Students

11:46 What Is The Resilient Series?

14:58 Gaining Confidence Through Sharing Your Story

20:11 Overcoming The Fear Of Leaving The Comfort Zone

24:46 Where To Find More Of Kim’s Content

30:00 What Kim See’s As The Future For Real Estate

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