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Episode 55: Building A Brand As New Real Estate Agent

"I didn't want to just have my name and my headshot as all of my branding as I hope to grow my business in the future."

Episode 55 of The Smart Agents Podcast features a conversation with Boise-based realtor Brianna Wardle. While just two years into her real estate career, Brianna is creating a brand, Black Pine Real Estate,  that will stand the test of time.

Growing up in the market, Brianna has lived through the explosive growth the city has experienced that's landed it routinely on the top of countless  "Fastest Growing Market" lists.

Taping into her marketing education and prior experience as a social media manager, she has been named Top Boise Real Estate Agent On Social Media by PropertySpark

But, social media isn't the only way Brianna is getting recognition for the Black Pine brand though.

"My friends always tease me that I have my name on literally every swag thing that you could possibly have, shirts, bags, golf towels.

Throughout our conversation, she shares how she got into the real estate industry and much more on how she is building her business from the ground up.

In this episode, we talk about...

1:19 Brianna Wardle Introduction

2:45 Going Full-Time Sooner

4:00 Selling Real Estate In The Town She Was Raised In

6:00 Working In A Hot Market Like Boise, ID

8:38 Advice For New Agents

11:25 Communication Is Key With First-Time Home Buyers

13:43 How Black Pine Real Estate Got Started

15:03 What Is Brianna Doing To Market Her Business

18:58 Using Tik Tok To Promote Herself As A Realtor

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