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Episode 57: Leveraging Instagram To Grow Your Personal Brand

"Realtors have their own name, have their own jersey that they have to wear and represent like no other, because that's the name that people go after."

Episode 57 of The Smart Agents Podcast features real estate professional and branding expert Ed Stulak. With his extensive knowledge of social media marketing, specifically on Instagram, Ed can be found speaking to a worldwide stage, sharing his tips for growing an online brand. 

Throughout our conversation, we talk not only about creating viral content but also really honing in on your intended audience.

In this episode, we talk about...

1:33 Ed Stulak Introduction

2:51 What Flaws Does Ed Find With Realtor Social Media?

5:04 How Did Ed Grow His Real Estate Business Through Social Media?

7:03 Identifying Your Social Media Avatar

9:13 Passion For Your Work Leads To Success

10:00 Taking A More Organic Approach To Content Creation

13:59 The Importance Of Staying Up To Date On Platform Updates

15:59 Teaching Fellow Real Estate Professionals Social Media Branding

19:25 Focus On Your Personal Brand To Achieve Real Estate Success

24:15 Where To Find Ed’s Training and Social Media

Topics: inteview, realtors, instagram, social media, brand image, Podcast, content marketing, branding