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Episode 58: Taking An Innovative Approach To Lead Generation

"Those are all essentially customers that we now have in our database, who we know have expressed interest in at least buying or selling at some point or learning more about it."

Episode 58 of The Smart Agents Podcast features Seattle-based broker Brennen Clouse. Tapping into the high-tech market, Brennen and his team have turned to hosting online workshops and webinars to educate the public all while filling their lead pipeline with potential clients. Beyond this innovative way to attract leads, he says their exemplary customer service and past client campaigns has led to explosive growth.

In this episode, we talk about...

1:20 Brennen Clouse Introduction

3:33 Using Webinars and Online Workshops To Generate Leads

10:45 How Does His Team Stand Out With Past Clients

14:40 Being The Only Agent A Client Will Ever Work With

16:40 Why Is Exemplary Customer Service So Important To Brennen?

18:20 What Kind Of Success Has His Team From These Programs?

19:45 A Strong Focus On Market Education Across Social Media

22:50 Bringing On Virtual Assistants To Help Scale Your Business

25:56 What Are The Future Plans For The Business?

Topics: inteview, realtors, past clients, broker, Lead Generation, referral business, Podcast