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Episode 59: Scaling Your Real Estate Business To New Heights

"The way that I kind of explain it is, I see your repeats and referrals as the icing. It is the extras, but your marketing is the cake. It's the predictable, consistent stuff that you can rely on."

Episode 59 of The Smart Agents Podcast features the Founder of The Listings Lab, Jess Lenouvel. Over the course of her real estate career, she has scaled her business into a multiple seven-figure machine resulting in more than $300 Million in properties sold in the last five years.


With The Listings Lab, Jess is helping agents take their business to the next level by leveraging the power of online marketing and creating systems to automate much of the process. Throughout our conversation, Jess shares her tips for taking your business to new heights.

In this episode, we talk about...

1:33 Jess Lenouvel Introduction

2:45 How Did Jess Scale Her Own Real Estate Business?

4:50 Modeling Other Industries To Grow Her Business

8:10 How To Start Scaling Your Marketing With A Limited Budget

12:44 Tips For Truly Understanding Your Client Base

16:21 Properly Running Your Real Estate Business For Sustainable Growth

18:52 The Rise Of The Smaller Real Estate Team

21:51 How To Find The Listings Lab

Topics: inteview, Marketing and Advertising, realtors, business plan, Lead Generation, Podcast