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Episode 6: Don Takes His Real Estate Marketing To The Next Level

"I get a lot of people, other real agents saying it's not gonna work. You know what has happened? It has made me basically a celebrity in the community."

Episode 6 of The Smart Agents Podcast features part one of an interview with Don Dunbar, a California-based agent who even though has three decades of experience, is not afraid to try new marketing methods. Just last year, Don released new television commercials and is seeing a boost in recognition.

“I actually cannot go anywhere without someone recognizing me. I get a lot of people call me that want to buy a house.”

Over the course of our conversation, Don shared his thoughts on personal branding and why marketing can not take a backseat.

“Marketing should be your biggest expense. In your budget, 30%, 40% should be spent on marketing.”


In this episode, we talk about...

1:15 - Who is Don Dunbar?

3:46 - What is Don doing to market to sellers in this hot market?

5:54 - Pivoting to television advertising and it results.

8:27 - Capitalizing on the community recognition from his television spot.

11:34 - Don shares the importance of brand management.

Topics: Marketing and Advertising