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Episode 60: Kraig Shares His ABC's To Real Estate Success

"The growth from zero to $16 million is easy. The challenging growth is moving from $16 Million to $25 Million."

Episode 60 of The Smart Agents Podcast features Orange County, California-based broker Kraig Enyeart. After a long career in corporate sales, Kraig made a name for himself in real estate by holding as many mega open houses as possible. Now on pace to clear $60 Million in volume this year, Kraig is building his own team and shares how he is ensuring all new agents on his team meet maximum success.


In this episode, we talk about...

01:25 Kraig Enyeart Introduction

6:13 Leveraging Open Houses To Make A Name For Himself

10:39 The Keys To Maximizing An Open House

15:25 What Made Kraig Want To Start His Own Team?

16:46 Focusing On Eduction To Lead A Successful Team

20:32 Kraig’s ABC’s To Real Estate Success

22:01 Managing Growth Without Getting Overwhelmed

26:51 Compassion As A Core Business Principal

28:20 A Successful Real Estate Deal Takes Much More Than A Good Agent

Topics: inteview, Marketing and Advertising, realtors, open house, broker, business plan, Podcast