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Episode 61: Take Your Safety Into Your Own Hands With SafeShowings

"I'm passionate about all three parties' safety. My safety as a realtor, safety of the buyer and safety of the homeowner."

Have you been showing a home, on a listing appointment or holding an open house and gotten an uneasy feeling about the situation?
Or worse, actually had something happen to you?

After a scare of her own, Helen decided to take her safety into her own hands and got to work on her app SafeShowings.

"I was lucky that day. I got a second chance but I knew then, I had a problem to solve."

Episode 61 of The Smart Agents Podcast features our conversation with the Founder and CEO of SafeShowings Helen Hudson.

Check out SafeShowings at https://safeshowings.com/

In this episode, we talk about...

  • The incident that led Helen to develop SafeShowings
  • How the App works
  • The need for agents to be proactive versus reactive in regards to their safety
  • And Much More!

Topics: inteview, realtors, open house, safety, technology, Podcast, realtor app