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Episode 62: How To Make It In Commercial Real Estate

"It's focus, focus, focus and make it simple, simple, simple. You're not a mind reader as a listing agent. You have to help people envision their own business."

Episode 62 of The Smart Agents Podcast features our conversation with Chris Gunderson of GundersonCRE. 

After getting his commercial real estate start in California, Chris has started his own company in New Jersey.

Throughout our conversation, we talk all about how Chris got his start,  his top tips for agents looking to break into commercial real estate and where he sees the immediate future of commercial real estate going.

In this episode, we talk about...

  • How a chance interview sparked a career in commercial real estate
  • How property management accelerated the learning process
  • Top tips for selling commercial property
  • And Much More!

Topics: inteview, realtors, property management, Podcast, commercial