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Episode 64: Offering Value; That's What It All Comes Down To

“I'm a true believer that if you give, give, give, eventually it's going to come back to you.”

Episode 64 of The Smart Agents Podcast features Mirella Canavan of The Canavan Real Estate Group. Throughout our conversation, Mirella shares how she and her husband have built their real estate business by providing as much value to their community as possible

Whether organizing community fundraisers or simply sharing useful information, The Canavan Real Estate Group firmly believes in serving its community.

For the outgoing Mirella, the pandemic led her to launch a weekly interview series with local homeownership experts and she shares her tips for agents looking to create their own content.

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In this episode, we talk about...

  • How a focus on truly serving the community has grown the business
  • What led Mirella to launch a weekly, live interview series on Instagram
  • Her top tips for agents looking to create content like her own
  • And Much More!

Topics: inteview, realtors, social media, Podcast