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Episode 65: How The Leblanc Group Gives Every Client The Royal Treatment

“One of our videos generated over 100,000 views in four days. It went viral... And that translated into 120 showings.”

Episode 65 of The Smart Agents Podcast features our conversation with Kat and Darren Leblanc. The husband and wife team has become one of the most sought-after teams in their market due to their exceptional listing marketing. As their slogan says, "No Home is Too Big or Too Small" for their signature listing videos.


Throughout our conversation, we talk about how they have grown their real estate business by giving each client the "Royal Treatment."

Be sure to check out The Leblanc Group on Youtube!


In this episode, we talk about...

  • Growing their business by giving exceptional service
  • Creating viral listing videos
  • How their video marketing has transformed their business
  • And Much More!

Topics: inteview, realtors, Video, Podcast, home tour, listing video