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Episode 7: Working With The Buyers Nobody Else Wants

“A lot of agents have this idea that if the client comes in and they can’t buy, they just get their information and put them to the side. I don't do that.”

Regardless if you have thirty years in the industry or just starting out, you are bound to be contacted by buyers that are not financially ready to buy.
Rather than brush them off, why not give them the resources they need to make their dreams come true.

That is exactly what Don Dunbar out of California is doing and he explains how during part two of our conversation in Episode 7 of The Smart Agents Podcast.

“All you’ve got to do is just be accessible, stay in contact with them.”

By positioning himself as the helpful resource, Don is not only ensuring a transaction once the buyers are ready, he is also firmly planting himself as the only agent they will refer.

“You have so many people, man, that's out there like that. That's an untapped market.”

Check out our conversation
now and see how you too can make dreams come true while filling your pipeline!

You can see check out part one of our conversation with Don in Episode 6.


In this episode, we talk about...

1:32 - Why Don chooses to work with under-qualified buyers?

2:40 - Don shares a success story from one of these buyers.

3:46 - What is Don doing to market to sellers in this hot market?

4:45 - By helping these clients realize their dream, they are now lifelong clients.

Topics: first-time buyers, Podcast