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Episode 8: Building Your Sphere Of Influence With Every Encounter

“We are a public, forefront business… You should be getting a lot of business from referrals.

Episode 8 of The Smart Agents Podcast features Pennsylvania-based agent Megan Rohrbough. For her, building a full referral pipeline means taking everyday opportunities to build her sphere of influence.

As a mom of four, Megan tells us how she uses the more subtle approaches such as advertising in her children's sports rosters and sending emails from her professional address when communicating with their teachers to get her name out as a trusted real estate professional.

“I've had quite a few teachers contact me and be like, ‘Oh, Hey, I saw you're a realtor.’”

“It is strategic, but you try to be…  not in your face about it.”


In this episode, we talk about...

1:05- Who is Megan Rohrbough?

2:06 - How COVID-19 Impacted Her Local Market

5:49 - Reassuring Buyers/Sellers Through Pandemic

8:52 - Using Everyday Encounters To Build Her Sphere

12:35 - Building A Full Referral Pipeline

16:58 - Planning For A Successful 2021

Topics: referrals, sphere of influence, referral business