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Episode 9: Engage With Your Customer Base By Leveraging Technology

“I never got over making cold calls. I don't do it.”

Episode 9 of The Smart Agents Podcast features a wide-ranging conversation with Florida-based agent Chris Cusimano. Nearly two decades into his career, Chris has begun teaching agents how he has grown his business.

“The fear of the phone and the fear of door-knocking made me find every other possible way.”

Using all of the tools available, Chris has leveraged technology to not only make his work more efficient but also more enjoyable to both he and the customer.

“You can either embrace it, utilize it, be savvy and utilize it, build your business. Or you can put your heels in the sand, fight it and see your business dwindle.”


In this episode, we talk about...

1:07- Who is Chris Cusimano?

1:55 - Putting A Positive Spin On COVID-19

4:27 - Coaching Fellow Agents

7:20 - Leveraging Technology To Make Your Work More Efficient

11:18 - Using Video To Grow Your Audience

17:48 - Social Media Marketing

20:34 - Being The Real You In All Online Content

22:43 - Following Up With Past Clients

Topics: referrals, training, technology