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“Instead of asking yourself ‘What are other people doing on LinkedIn?’ change the question to, ‘What benefit could I, a smart real estate agent gain from LinkedIn?’ and go that way. Even if most people don’t try it."
“When you're in real estate, you have to be curious about the market."
“There is so much out there for lead gen, marketing and building you sphere… but there is very little on how to structure and set up your real estate business.”
“It’s transitioned from where I thought I always needed to be selling… then I figured it out that it’s not about that.”
“When you own homes and they talk about generational wealth, it starts there.”
“Agents stay where they're at or they leave where they're at because of the leader there.”
“I'm a big believer that way too many real estate salespeople try and advertise before they learn how to be a salesperson.”
“In the beginning, we pretty much had no idea what we were doing.”
"I like to kind of personalize every experience… when I take a client on, I'm all in.”
“March is when I kind of broke off by myself…I was worried real estate was going to slow down a little bit.”