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Business Card Book

Our Most Popular Book

Our most popular book! Give it to every potential seller you meet in place of your business card. This book isn’t geared toward any specific niche, so it can be used to target almost any kind of seller — FSBOs, Expireds, you name it!

Inside, potential clients will learn:

  • How to sell their homes faster, and for more money
  • Pricing tips and mistakes
  • Strategies to appeal to any buyer
  • High-end marketing approaches
  • Common negotiation mistakes.

Expired Book

Best Choice For Expired Listings

This book aims to disprove the misconception that the only reason a home expires is because it's overpriced. Instead, this book focuses on home-selling strategies — like staging, high-quality photos, and marketing techniques — that can sell even hard-to-sell homes. Give this book to expired listings, and you'll stand out from all of the other agents telling them they need to lower their price.

Inside, potential clients will learn:

  • Why listing price isn't the only factor that affects a sale
  • What stops "perfect" homes from selling
  • How to sell a home that didn't sell — without dropping the price
  • Marketing techniques to improve their chances of selling
  • Negotiation tips and tricks
  • Why they should consider hiring a real estate agent


Best Choice For FSBO Sellers

The goal of this book is to approach FSBOs differently than all of the other agents who are trying to list them: You want to be their friend first and their Realtor second. When you give FSBOs this book, you're offering them helpful advice to sell their home — not beating them down about how they're going to fail. Gain their trust with this book, and they'll turn to you when they realize how much work and stress you can save them.

Inside, potential clients will learn:

  • How to sell their homes faster, and for more money
  • Why some FSBOs sell and others don't
  • Tactics to get more showings
  • Common negotiating mistakes FSBOs make
  • Tips for marketing and showing their home
  • Why they should consider hiring an agent

Home Buyer Guide Book

Use This Book With Any Buyer

Give it any buyer leads you have. It demonstrates to buyers why you’re different from all the other Realtors. They’ll realize you are an expert and want to work exclusively with you to buy a home.

This book includes:

  • Guide to real estate agents
  • Needs and desires of homeowners
  • Searching for the right home
  • Do’s and Don’ts of negotiations

Expired Book – Var. #2

Variation Book for Expired Listings

This book addresses the reasons a home didn’t sell and offers solutions to prevent it from expiring in the future. It explains the importance of a good real estate agent in the home-selling process and discusses upgrades that can sell a home quickly and for the greatest return. Give this book to expired listings, and they'll see what went wrong and how you can fix it.

Inside, potential clients will learn:

  • Common reasons their home may not have sold
  • Why it's easy to sell homes for less than they're worth
  • The importance of a good real estate agent
  • How to determine whether their current real estate agent stacks up
  • How to sell their home for the most money in the least amount of time
  • Marketing techniques to improve a home's chances of selling
  • Negotiating tips and tricks

FSBO Book – Var. #2

Variation Book for FSBO Listings

This book offers a complete guide to the FSBO process — all aimed at showing them how much work and stress they have in front of them (and how much money they could lose) without an agent on their side. 92% of FSBOs end up listing with a Realtor. Some of the topics the book covers include:

  • Why people choose to sell FSBO
  • Common mistakes FSBOs make
  • The true costs of selling FSBO (that the FSBO may not have considered)
  • How to set the right price for your home
  • Tactics to sell your home for more, including advice on staging, marketing, and curb appeal
  • How to advertise and show your home without an agent
  • Negotiation tips and tricks

First Time Home Buyer

Perfect for First Time Buyers

This book is just like the Home Buyer’s Guide, but it’s written specifically for first-time buyers. It educates them on the entire home-buying process from start to finish and shows them why they need your help to buy a home. It goes into great detail about common mistakes, incentives for first-time buyers, the negotiation process and much more.

Inside, potential clients will learn:

  • 14 common mistakes of first timers
  • How to get approved for their first home loan.
  • The ins and outs of the buying process.
  • How to guarantee a stress-free closing.
  • Real estate horror stories (that you can help them avoid).

Delinquent Property Taxes Book

A Niche Book for Tax Sales

Each year 17% of all delinquent property tax owners sell their homes. Send your book to any homeowners behind on their property taxes, and they’ll hire you to sell their home. This book is designed to help people in debt, with a lien, or just curious about their taxes. It walks owners through their options in a difficult situation.

Inside, potential clients will learn:

  • How to solve common tax issues.
  • How to sell a home with a lien.
  • General homeowner tax information.
  • Mistakes to avoid.
  • Which relief and aid programs might help them.

Divorce Book

The Perfect Book for Divorcing Sellers

732,000 divorced couples list their homes each year. Give this book to any leads you know who are going through a divorce, but be sure to approach them sensitively. This book positions you as a divorce real estate expert and sells the divorcing home sellers on hiring you to sell their home.

This book covers:

  • The benefits of selling a home in a divorce.
  • Splitting possessions and the home-sale profit.
  • Going to court in the midst of a sale.
  • Dealing with uncooperative spouses.
  • Emotional house sales.

Inherited Book

A Niche Book for Inherited Home Sellers

We wrote this book to help guide people through the difficult process of selling inherited homes. This book breaks down everything from the legal aspects of selling a loved one’s home to the best strategies to prep the home for sale and even deal with uncooperative family members. Sellers will be relieved to have you and this book to guide them through what can be a stressful and emotional time in their lives.

Inside, potential clients will learn:

  • The best options for dealing with family members in an inherited home sale.
  • The legal aspects of selling an inherited home.
  • Tax distribution procedures among family members.
  • The ins and outs of selling an estate.
  • How to prepare an inherited home for sale.

Sell Your Home for More Money

A General Purpose Book For All Sellers

This is a general book that lays out several different techniques to help sellers get more money for their homes, namely through staging. When homeowners are looking to sell, they can reference this book and implement the tips and tricks you’ve provided to get the most money from their home sales — or hire you to do it for them.

The book shows potential clients:

  • Details on staging each area of a home.
  • How much money staging can save homeowners.
  • Small tips on improving the odds of selling for top dollar.
  • Tips for enhancing curb appeal.

Home Improvements That Improve Values

Perfect for Investors & Home Flippers

This book is the perfect closing gift because most people want to do some remodeling after they buy a home. (It’s also great for converting expired leads who may need to do some work on their homes in order to sell for top dollar.) This book walks buyers and sellers through different remodeling options and explains their potential return on investment for popular renovations. Buyers and sellers alike will appreciate and keep your book for future reference and may even pass it onto friends. It’s a great tool for landing future referrals!

Inside, your clients will learn all about:

  • Different upgrades for different rooms, including the most lucrative projects in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and more!
  • Design advice (and trends to avoid).
  • Different options for flooring, paint, and lighting.
  • The importance of curb appeal and outdoor improvements.
  • Tips for increasing their home’s value.

Vacant Homes Book

Use This Book To Target Vacant Owners

1.3 million vacant homes are sold each year. You can land these listings with no competition because no one else is marketing to them. Owners with vacant homes have so many options, it’s often difficult for them to decide which one is right. This book will break down each of those options and convince them that selling their home with you is the best possible choice.

Inside, potential clients will learn:

  • The pros and cons of renting vs. selling.
  • Steps to take to sell their vacant home (especially if it didn’t sell in the past).
  • Why not living in their home makes it easier to sell.
  • Precautions to take to protect their home while it’s sitting empty.

Ways to Advertise and Promote Your Home

Focused On Marketing & Curb Appeal

This book lays out several different ways sellers can get more money for their homes, specifically through various advertising and marketing techniques. Give this book to all types of sellers to show them how you can make their listings stand out and garner the highest possible sale price.

Inside, potential clients will learn:

  • How buyers search for homes.
  • Small improvements that can net thousands.
  • The importance of using pictures and video to market.
  • The importance of curb appeal.
  • The many ways to promote a home in today’s market.