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Charles Curry

Real Estate Marketing Expert. He’s been working in Real Estate Marketing for over 10 years, helping Top-Grossing Teams grow their business. He helps agents get more listings with tested and proven marketing systems.

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  • How to stand out from your competition so Expireds choose to list with you instead of other agents. It’s actually easier to do than you think, even if you’re a brand new agent.
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  • The one fatal mistake that blocks many agents from listing Expireds, and how you can avoid making it. Expireds are actually easy to approach and list - when you don’t make this mistake.
  • How to get the Expireds to view you as the ONLY Option for listing their home. Do this right, and all of your competition will become irrelevant to the Expireds.
  • How to get started fast, so you can start listings Expireds as soon as this week.

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7 Reasons You Should Focus On Listing Expireds.

#1. Thousands of listings will Expire in today’s changing market. 

With interest rates going up and the market changing, there will be thousands of Expired Listings all across the United States. 

So if you want to prosper in the coming changing market, expireds are a great way to do that.

#2. Expireds want to sell, unlike other seller leads which may or may not sell. 

Let’s face it, many sellers are just not that serious about selling their home. In contrast, most expireds are motivated because they've already listed their house. 

If you can show them how you can get it sold, then they’ll list with you.

#3. About 40% of Expireds will relist within a month with a new agent. 

That’s a high listing percentage. The remaining sellers will either relist with their current agent, or leave their home off the market. 

#4. Expireds are willing to pay a commission.

In fact, they’re less likely to ask for a reduced commission, because they’re more interested in selling their home, than saving a couple bucks. 

 #5. Most Expireds are motivated sellers.

They want to sell and will do whatever it takes to get their home sold.

And, if you stay in touch with them, then you can often get them to reduce their price, so their home sells.

Simply explain that the market is changing, it’s not your fault, and remind them of everything you are doing to sell their home. 

#6. Expireds that relist with a new agent often sell quickly. 

That’s because the new agent has a fresh, innovative marketing approach that generates more interest so the home sells. 

#7. Expired Leads are free!. 

I’ve heard of agents paying thousands of dollars for expensive leads. In contrast, you can get the Expired Leads for free from your Multiple Listing Service. You can’t beat Free!

Click The Button Below To Join The Free Expired Listings Training, And Discover How You Can Start Listing Expireds As Soon As This Week!

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