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5 Reasons Your Real Estate Marketing Fails (And How To Fix It)

Jan 13, 2023 11:38:59 AM

Have you ever had a real estate marketing campaign fail? There are five common reasons that most real estate marketing campaigns fail. In this video, we identify the five biggest mistakes and give you tips for fixing them.


(Video Transcript)

Have you ever had a real estate marketing campaign fail? 

There are five common reasons that most real estate marketing campaigns fail.

In this video, I’m going to explain what they are… and how to avoid having them affect your next marketing campaign. 

Hi, I’m Charles Curry with Smart Agents. 

We help agents get more listings with powerful listing strategies that actually work. 

I’ve launched over a hundred different marketing campaigns… and seen what works… and what fails. 

Recently, I was thinking about all the campaigns that failed.

Here are the most common reasons that they fail. 

The number one reason that real estate marketing campaigns fail is that they’re trying to sell too many things.

We used to run marketing that would tell people that we could help them buy, sell, invest, flip, etcetera.

And those campaigns flopped because they were trying to sell too many things.

So, you want to make your marketing campaigns as clear and direct as possible.

So, if you’re marketing to Expireds, you only want to have one offer.

For example, you could say something to an expired along the lines of

“Can I meet with you to discuss some marketing ideas for your home that could help you attract more buyers and get it sold”

All you’re selling is a free, no-obligation consultation. 

Yes, it’s a listing appointment. 

But, you genuinely want to meet them, look at the property, look at the prior marketing, and determine what can be done differently to get more buyers interested in the property… and get it sold.

And by the way, we’ve done that with hundreds of expireds.

We got more buyers interested… and we got the property sold. 

So, let’s continue. 

The number two reason that real estate marketing campaigns fail… is because they don’t have a call to action. 

Most marketing has the agent’s phone number, email, social media, birthday, favorite color, etc, 

It’s too complicated.

You need to have one simple call to action. 

Because if people want to contact you, they can.

They can easily find your contact information with a quick google search.

So, don’t do that.

Here's what I recommend.

What happens when someone pulls up their email to email you? 

They’re going to get distracted by the other emails in their inbox and may even forget about your marketing piece altogether.

What happens if they open their Instagram and search for you?

Instagram puts the most interesting and crazy videos right there in the search box. 

So, they’re immediately distracted by that one crazy video.

And by the time they’re done watching it, they can’t remember what they were doing.

Do you think they’re still going to contact you? 


Which is why you want them to go to one simple website or call you. 

Don’t waste your marketing dollars promoting Instagram’s distractions. 

So, here’s a simple way to get more appointments. 

First, offer something for free that has a benefit. 

For example, you can give them a free Report on how to sell their home for top dollar.

And then tell them to go to one specific URL to get that free report. 

As soon as they fill out the form, you can redirect them to a Calendar Page to schedule an appointment with you.

And don’t worry about the people who just want to hire you.

Many of them will skip the form and simply call you instead. 

In fact, about half of our real estate leads just straight-up called us. 

The free report did such a great job positioning us as an expert, that many people simply skipped the report and hired us right away

So put your phone number under your name on your marketing. 

But put it there almost as an afterthought.

Make sense?

Ok. Let's continue. 

The number three reason that real estate marketing campaigns fail… is because they don’t have a strong differentiator. 

Most marketing says something like, “I’ll work hard for you”... or “I have the best service”, etcetera. 

And what do most of your competitor’s marketing say?

That’s right. It says the same thing.

“I have the best service”, “I’ll work hard for you”, etcetera. 

So, you have to do something DIFFERENT to stand out.

If you’re marketing to sellers, talk about how you’ll sell their home for top dollar fast.

If you’re marketing to buyers, talk about how you’ll find them their dream home for the best price.

If you’re marketing to expireds, talk about how you specialize in selling homes that other agents failed to sell.

You have to tailor your differentiator to each specific customer and their desires and needs. 

Or, find the one target market that you excel at and focus on marketing to them.

If you love working with first-time buyers, then focus on that.

You can say “I’m a first-time home buyer specialist.”

If you love selling historic homes, then focus on that.

You can say “I’m a historic homes specialist.”

Make sense?

Now, the number four reason that real estate marketing campaigns fail is that they’re not focused on leads that are IN the market. 

I see so many people mail out postcards trying to farm a neighborhood.

Or, they leave door hangers on my door with free candy. 

I love the free candy, but I’m not selling my home anytime soon.

So, this marketing simply takes too long to work.

And we all have bills that we have to pay TODAY.

So, I recommend focusing on people who are in the market today.

FSBOs, Expireds, Inherited Homes, Divorcing homeowners, landlords who just filed an eviction, people who are behind on their property taxes, Pre-Foreclosures, and people who own a vacant home. 

These people are in the market and have a high chance of listing soon. 

Even better, you can put together a customized marketing plan that talks specifically to them… differentiates you from your competition… has one strong offer… and a specific call to action for them. 

So, focus your marketing on people that are in the market. 

And last but not least, the number five reason that real estate marketing campaigns fail is that they aren’t improved.

Take our Expired Campaign as an example.

When we first started using it, it barely worked. 

And most of the time, if something isn't a huge home run, we throw it out.

When we first rolled out our Expired Campaign, we didn’t get a great response, and we stopped using it.

But, then we discovered how to uplevel our marketing and improved it.

We continued tweaking and improving it, and today it works great. 

We have a winner because we took something that only worked ok and improved the heck out of it. 

So, if you’ve got any marketing campaigns that work ok, then work on improving them. 

Would you like even more tips for getting listings? I have a Free Guide titled 27 Ways To Get Listings.

Claim it now so you can set yourself up for even more listings in the future! 

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