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These Books Are So Good — It’s Scary!

Oct 31, 2018 12:04:15 PM

Scary for other agents, that is.

Our members say our books have completely transformed their businesses.

Rookie agents and veterans alike have discovered the expert advantage our books provide. They all say the books have given them a leg up over other agents, whether they’re making initial contact with leads or trying to seal the deal on listing appointments.

But don’t take my word for it. In this blog post, I’ll share some of our biggest member success stories so far this year, plus advice on how you can use these techniques in your own business.



If you’re not yet a MyBooks member, you can see the huge advantage our books give to those who invest in them. And if you are a member but haven’t figured out exactly how to make the books work for you, you can test out some of the techniques other members swear by.

Tami Scored a $1.1 Million Expired Listing

How she did it:

“I started mailing them out. It was November 30 that I mailed out my book. Then, within two weeks — this was near Christmas time, busy time — a lot of people don't really care about selling their house. Anyways, I got an email from my client saying that he wanted to talk to me about maybe selling his house. Anyways, I went in, and I am now in front of the house that I listed. This was my first appointment from one of the first books that I sent.

My first order of books, I ordered 70 of 'em. Anyways, this is a $1.1 million listing, and I'm so excited that it actually works, and I can't wait to send more and get more listings because listings bring on more listing and so the whole process is just amazing.”

How you can do it, too:

Sometimes, landing listings with the books is as simple as mailing them out. A lot of our members say when they mail out books, leads simply come to them.

But it’s important to remember you can maximize your success by following up with any leads you send your book. We call this technique “warm calling.”

Unlike cold calling, warm calling involves “warming up” your leads before you ever call them. When you send leads a book ahead of time, not only have you provided them something of value without any obligation, but you’ve also established an initial connection.

When you call, chances are, your leads will recognize your name and connect it to the picture they saw on the cover of the book you gave them. Leads are much less likely to hang up on you or turn you down if they respect you as an expert in the real estate industry.

Jesse Credits 8 Listings to the Books!

How he did it:

“I send out yellow letters to For Sale by Owners to get their attention to call me. Once they contact me, I set up a one-on-one meeting with them to explain to them the little things about what I do and at the same time, I have the book in my hand.

I give her the book. I use that book as credibility. They get home and read it — a lot of them are excited to know that they have someone with that type of experience with them to help them to try to list their house and stuff. So, those books are awesome. It's a good marketing tool to use, and then, what helps me out a lot, too, is some of the agents that I know in the area don't have books that they can use like that to market to certain clients. They're really helpful.”

How you can do it, too:

According to a study by the U.S. Postal Service, conversion rates for “yellow letters” are nearly 65 percent higher than regular direct mail pieces.

So what exactly are yellow letters? They’re handwritten letters on yellow-lined paper that professionals can mail to leads. They stand out from the dozens of typical mailers and postcards buyers and sellers receive every week, especially if they’re being specifically targeted by multiple agents.

Once you’ve gotten your lead’s attention with a handwritten letter, you can seal the deal by bringing your books on the listing appointment. When you show up with a book in hand, you automatically stand out from any other agent your lead might be considering.

April is Getting 5-6 Listings a Month in a Red-Hot Market

How she does it:

“I use it to list Expireds, and I'll take it back maybe three to six months, and that has been what worked best for me. I’m going to do the script for you right now:

‘Hi, this is April. I’m calling you because your house is showing up as an expired listing, and I specialize in houses that didn't sell the first time around, and I'm a Realtor and author specializing in those houses. And the book I have written is called How to Get Your Home Sold for Top Dollar. What's the best time we can meet? I just need 15 minutes to meet with you to show you how I can get your home sold.

Before I even get there, depending on when the appointment is, I'm going to get someone to drop that package off with the book in there. And then, we're going to call and make sure they got the package. And then, they're very excited. So once I get there and they see what I have, and they see that I sent them the book, then pretty much, the listing is already done.”

How you can do it, too:

First of all, older expired homes offer one of the best opportunities in real estate. We’ve written an entire training guide on how to track down and land these listings. Older expired homeowners are no longer being hounded by every agent in the area and may finally be ready to relist their homes by the time you come into the picture.

April seals the deal with these homeowners by giving them something of value before she ever meets with them. When clients receive her book ahead of time, they have time to scan the content and form a positive impression of her.

Establishing a strong connection ahead of time alleviates some of the pressure involved in delivering a listing presentation. In fact, many of our members say that once clients see their books, they don’t even need to give a presentation to seal the deal.

Mark Doubled His Close Rate On Listing Presentations

How he did it:

“The basic premise is that I've been using the book as the final piece of my pre-listing package. So, when I come to them, meet with my potential listing clients, and I show them all the stuff I do to market their home, I throw in that we have a book, as well, that shows you how we list homes and sell them for more money.

That book is at their discretion to read, but it kind of fortifies the position that I'm not just any Realtor out there — that I'm a Realtor that now looks like I've written books on the ability to sell homes for more money, or the most money. Fortified by all the things I do when I'm marketing a home, I think it's a one, two, knockout punch.

I will tell you that from a year ago until today, the percentage of listings that I now get when I go on these appointments is up to about 90%, when it had been trending at about 45% a year ago.”

How you can do it, too:

Instead of just sending potential clients his book, Mark gives them the option of whether or not they’d like to receive one. He advertises the book as a helpful tool, then lets his leads decide if they want one.

This way, Mark is only getting books out to leads with the highest listing potential — and cutting back on the number of books he needs to order.

Lou Got a $379,000 Listing Because He Offered His Books Out on Facebook

How he did it:

“When I received my initial order of books, I posted a copy of it on Facebook with an announcement. Then, another gentleman, who I had known previously, as a result of seeing my book posted on Facebook and said, ‘Hey Lou, I'd like to talk to you. I've got an opportunity, a piece of real estate I need to get sold.’

And when we spoke, I found out that that piece of real estate was real estate that he had inherited from the death of his uncle and that he was the co-executor on the estate and he wanted me to come over and take a look at it to see what it was worth.  

I did that. I went through the entire process with him. I gave him a home evaluation, and we listed the property, and we wound up selling the property within 24 hours of it going into the MLS at full price. We sold it at $379,000.”

How you can do it, too:

Lou has figured out how to perfectly utilize new and old-school marketing techniques to his advantage. Knowing that a majority of people start their real estate journeys online, Lou put his books center stage to show them to a large number of potential clients, without ever having to mail them out.

If you post your book cover on social media, intrigued buyers and sellers may just reach out to you to learn more about what you have to offer, or at least to receive a copy of your book. This is a great way to test the waters to see how your books are received in your individual market.

Debbie Got 7 Transactions by Giving Away Her Books at Open Houses

How she did it:

“At one of the open houses, I had a family come through, and I gave them one of my books about the Secrets of Wealthy Home Sellers. They are buying a $595,000 home that is closing on August 3rd. And I will be listing their home for probably about $400,000 to $425,000. Basically, that all came from giving them my books at my open house.

You have to make visitors feel extremely comfortable when they come in. You just have to make them feel very much at home and non-pressured. We always tell people that we are not real estate salespeople. We are real estate consultants. What can we do to help you? It's amazing how people will open up and begin talking to you once they feel at ease.

You have to make them feel like you're not pushing this particular house on them — that you're ready to answer whatever questions they have about this house — that you really are interested in them them, and what are their needs and what are they looking for. It's just the comfort level. You must make them feel comfortable.”

How you can do it, too:

Open houses offer great opportunities for real estate agents — even outside advertising the current listing you’re showing. They give you a chance to show off your real estate prowess — and the best way to do that is by bringing your book into the picture.

Debbie keeps copies of her books out at open houses, so anyone who comes through the door can take one, or at least skim through them while they’re there. The opportunity here is especially great for newer agents, who may be hosting open houses for other members of their brokerages.

The goal of hosting these open houses is for new agents to establish themselves in the community, and there’s no better way to do that than with a book.

Liza Got 5 High-End Listings Using the Books

How she did it:

“My sense is that the higher-end client is impressed by the book because they're used to excellence, so in their own career, or whatever. I think a book for those people is setting me apart as excellent. That's where the relatable factor is. The book has gotten me more high-priced, higher-priced homes, than lower-priced for sure.”

That was for a $2.8 million property, which sold in about 60 days. And then he thought he paid too much because he had been on the market two years prior, I guess, and had a bunch of showings. But all I did was show it one time and it was sold, but that was due to the marketing. Anyway, so that's how that went.

How you can do it, too:

The books give you expert status no matter who you give them to. But according to Liza, they’re a particularly great tool to break into a high-end market. People who stand to gain — and lose — a lot don’t want to trust just anyone to sell their homes. Having a book gives you a leg up on other Realtors and helps you appeal to picky or difficult homeowners.  

Make Them Work for You!

Not a MyBooks member yet? Don’t worry! There’s still time to join the club:

  • License to use 14 real estate books as your own.
  • Author website that ranks in Google.
  • Your own blog with 100+ pre-written articles.
  • Social media marketing templates.
  • Home value website for capturing leads.
  • Training strategies on how to use your books to get business.

Get a free sample of our most popular book below!


avatar_joe Joe Nickelson is a real estate professional dedicated to helping home buyers and sellers achieve their real estate dreams, and helping real estate agents stop using the sometimes-vicious tactics that weigh on their consciences. He believes that the Smart Agents books will, quite literally, change people’s lives for the better. Check out his full bio here

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