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5 Simple Yet Powerful Ways to Get Listing Leads

Jul 23, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Is your real estate business feeling sluggish lately? Here are five simple yet extremely powerful ways that you can generate listing leads in your business and put more pep back into your step. 

One - Wear a Name Tag.

I know this sounds so simple, but when you're out in the community, one of the best ways to start a conversation is to wear your name tag with the Realty company you're part of.

Two - Wear Clothing Items With a CTA. 

Tip number two is to wear clothing or maybe a hat that creates a call to action and shows you’re a real estate agent. You can try Etsy to create custom pieces, or the company All Things Real Estate. 

The best clothing or hat items will include a question for anyone who sees it, such as:

Do you want to sell a home? 

Are you thinking about selling a home? 

Do you have questions about buying a home? 

You can put the question on a hat; you can put it on your shirt; you could put on the back of your shirt. As you're walking through the community, maybe on the weekend at the park or dropping your kid off at school, wherever it is, if you wear clothing that tells people you're in business, just like the name tag, it's a really good way to start a conversation and to earn more business. It's a great way to generate listing leads. 

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Three - Use Car Magnets or Lettering.

Another simple yet powerful method is using a car magnets or lettering. Some people think of these as cheesy, but, depending upon what type of clients you're pursuing, having either lettering on your car or a magnet on the window is a good way to build up a brand for your name and get more business. If you're going after luxury listings, try a magnet that you can put on and take off. Whatever you do, have the magnet or the lettering match your overall branding. The same thing goes for the clothing and hat. 

Four - Include a CTA on Your Business Card. 

Number four is putting a call to action on your business card. So many business cards out there don't offer any input, or you can't even figure out that they're a real estate agent because there's not enough detail on it. If you're going to take the time to print a business card, and obviously every real estate agent should have a business card, put a call to action on it. Just like with the CTA clothing, put a question on it. Try: 

Need to find out what your home is worth for free? Call or email me. 

Thinking about selling your home? Contact me. 

Want to know the best time to sell? Call me. 

Want to know how to sell your home for top dollar? Call me.

It doesn't need to be complicated, but make a call to action. 

Five - Use Community Bulletin Boards to Your Advantage. 

Number five is making good use of bulletin boards in retail stores and restaurants. For example, there's a little sub sandwich shop that I go to every once in a while in the community I live in. And there's probably 20 different real estate agent cards on this little bulletin board.

As I'm sitting in line, I read the cards and the call to actions that they have. So many real estate agents have a business card that's not serving them. For example, let’s say an agent just lists their name, photo, and something like “KW” on it. A buyer or seller doesn't necessarily know that KW means Keller Williams Realty. That’s another reason you should use a call to action.

And when you go into the community, have a stack of business cards in your pocket and pin them to those boards. Pin five. But again, if you're going to do it, make sure the business card counts. 

You can also try something other than a standard business card, like mini-postcards or flyers. That way, when everyone else is doing business cards, you've got like a big old flyer on the board. Stand out; get attention; make it clear that you’re a real estate agent and that you're there to help and to serve. 

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