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How Les Impressed Senior Sellers at His Seminar

Mar 8, 2019 1:50:31 PM

"I think it's powerful because my contacts have never gotten anything resembling this from any other agent. It makes me look like an expert in my field."  

Les started out as a real estate investor in 2004. He made the leap to Realtor in 2016.

"I've used Smart Agent Books for a couple years now in many different ways. Most recently, I offered it as a free gift to come to a senior seller's home webinar that I put on."




Les says he has several strong leads from his presentation, which he gave at an assisted living center. He also previously shared his success about using his FSBO book to land a tough listing.   

Les also uses the Biz Card and Expired books to reach a multitude of sellers. He drops them off with FSBOs, mails them out to Expireds, and passes them out at open houses.

Les' advice for other agents who may be on the fence about trying the books?

"Give it a shot and be sure to follow up." 

If you want your own free sample of our most popular book, click the link below!


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