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How Scott Easily Landed a $740K Expired Listing

Jan 25, 2019 10:34:48 AM


“I've gotten wonderful response. It really differentiates me from the million agents that are calling them.”

Scott has been a Realtor for 15 years and specializes in expired listings. He says his books set him apart when he's prospecting. 


“I've been using the books for several months now, and the expired book is mainly the one I'm using.”

In December, he mailed out 30-40 expired books. Shortly after sending them out, one of the recipients went to Scott’s Smart Agents author site and requested a market analysis.

Scott followed up and landed a $740K listing.

Scott also has great success getting buyer referrals from loan officers.

"The loan officers I have given the buyer book to are really blown away because it is so much better than just handing a potential referral a business card. I've had an excellent response from them, and it's a perfect differentiating factor.”

Scott advises other agents on the fence about investing in the books to just "give them a shot."

"Be consistent on giving them out. They do absolutely no good sitting in a box in your office. If you mail out a batch or give out a batch and get no response, just keep doing it. Eventually, it will pay off. Make sure to follow up with the folks you send them to, as well. Be proactive."

If you want your own free sample of the book Scott swears by, click the link below!


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