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Keith Secured a $320K Listing Directly Linked to the Books!

Mar 21, 2018 2:43:41 PM


"If you're on the fence at all — if you're thinking about joining Smart Agents — I highly recommend it."

Keith managed to secure three listings directly linked to the books. The first was a $320,000 listing.

"Not only did he mention the book specifically, but he said he did some of the de-cluttering and some of the small repairs that the books suggested, which prevented me from having that conversation with him."

Listen to his story here, and read his Q&A with our team below.



Smart Agents: How long have you been using the Smart Agents books?

Keith: Well, I was a customer about two years ago and did not subscribe again, so I resubscribed about four months ago. Been using them pretty heavy for about the last two months.

Smart Agents: Had you used the books before?

Keith: No. I had some ordered, but I didn't hand them out.

Smart Agents: Which books have you been using?

Keith: I do a lot of circle prospecting, so it's just the, "How to Sell Your House for the Most Money," type of business card books, I guess it would be.

Smart Agents: How many books have you given away so far?

Keith: Probably 40, at least.

Smart Agents: And how many listings did you get from these books?

Keith: Specifically, from the book, they mentioned the book, I have three listings. I went out on a listing appointment yesterday, and she kept talking about the book. She said, "The book says this. The book said that." So I'm pretty sure I'll get that listing, as well.

Smart Agents: You mentioned a $320,000 listing that you got. Would you tell me more about that listing?

Keith: Yes. It was a beautiful home, relatively new home. He was interviewing agents, and I had an opportunity to interview. I went with my marketing material and my book, and he called me about two or three days later, said he'd made a decision and he was gonna hire me. So when I went back to the house, he also commented on the book. He said, "I've been reading the book, and I know there are certain things I need to do." So he actually mentioned the book specifically on what he needed to get done on the house. I think that's why he listed.

Smart Agents: So you would say the book was a big boost to you getting the listing?

Keith: Absolutely. It certainly sets you apart when you send it out as a pre-listing, but I think it's the content. The last two or three people that I've talked with, they mentioned things the book discussed. The listing appointment yesterday, she had quite a few knick-knacks. She said, "I know the book says to get rid of my knick-knacks, so I'm gonna get rid of my knick-knacks." So I didn't have to have that conversation with her; the book did it for me.

Smart Agents: What type of leads have you been giving the books to?

Keith: My circle prospect leads. I'll call daily, about five days a week, ask if you're interested in selling your home this year. If they are, then I send them my pre-list in private, which includes the book.

Smart Agents: Which books have been the most successful for you?

Keith: I think the business card book. I did some FSBOs, as well, and I sent them some books. Didn't really result in much. I don't know if I followed up properly or not. I think the business card books, the "How to Sell Your House for the Most Money." I think that's helpful, even if you're not considering selling right now, that's something to probably hold on to 'cause you know you're going to sell in the future.

Smart Agents: What are some of the tactics that you use to hand out the books?

Keith: I use it when I call and someone who's interested. I have a packet that I send home sellers, similar to what they have online. I do a handwritten note, I do a book, I use that tri-fold business card. I use the agent sheet, and then the explanation of language. And then I'll throw a couple of just solds in the main area, as well. I get a really good response to that. I've actually had people call me back and thank me for that so when they are going to sell they'll use me.

Smart Agents: Alright, and after you've sent out the books, how long does it take you to do a follow-up?

Keith: It depends on what they tell me. If they think that they're going to sell in the next few months, I'll probably call them next week just to make sure they've got the material. I'll probably call them every 14 days after that just to stay in touch with them. If they tell me they're not going to sell maybe later on this year, I may not call for another month.

Smart Agents: What else do you do apart from giving out the books?

Keith: For lead generation?

Smart Agents: Yes.

Keith: I do Facebook marketing. Facebook ads, Google ads. Circle prospecting ... that's most of my time.

Smart Agents: Do you feel like you get more respect from the sellers because you give them the books?

Keith: Absolutely. I can see it, when you give it to them, they're always impressed. They talk about the cover. It's a nice book; it's really put together well; the contents are excellent. You can see it in their face — they're real impressed with that.

Smart Agents: Do you have any current goals for your business?

Keith: Yeah, I want it to have at least 24 listings this year.

Smart Agents: And what do you feel has held you back from reaching your business goals in the past?

Keith: The system. Getting a system and sticking to it. Having a lead generation source and sticking to it. Not trying to chase every little shiny thing that's out there. I think a system, a follow-up system, which now I have in place, that's one thing I like about Smart Agents is they kind of lay it out for you.

Smart Agents: Do you think the books will help you grow your business in the future?

Keith: Absolutely. I can already see it. I'm kind of a book worm I guess.  I think most people, they don't throw away books, generally. They just don't.

Smart Agents: And how many listings do you think you will be able to get on a monthly basis if you continue using the books?

Keith: I think at least two a month, maybe more.

Smart Agents: What kind of feedback have you gotten from clients about the books?

Keith: They always speak really highly of it. They have certain chapters they like more than others, but they all speak really highly of it. You can tell the ones that's read it, but they all speak very highly of it.

Smart Agents: Alright, I'd like to take you back to a comment you made about the books. You'd purchased the books before, but you hadn't made use of them and then you came back and you bought more. Would you tell me why that was the case. Is it that you were not able to hand out books, or what stopped you from making use of the books?

Keith: That's a really good question. I bought a few FSBO books. I handed out a few of them and got some responses from it and just kinda started shifting gears in another direction. I'm not really sure why I did that to be honest because this certainly works. If you buy them, you might as well hand them out.

Smart Agents: Alright so you would say that following up with the leads after you give out the books is important?

Keith: Yes. It's rare that you get someone who's ready right now. The book is certainly a big piece of it, but you have to follow up with them.

Smart Agents: So you'd say you've improved on your follow up system?

Keith: Definitely.

Smart Agents: And lastly, would you recommend this system to another agent?

Keith: No, I don't want them to get my business. Yes I would. It really sets you apart, it just gives you a level of expertise when you walk right in. You can actually see it on their face, they're really impressed. I don't think most agents send out pre-listing packets, and I'm certain they don't send out books in their frequency packets, so it really sets you apart.

I'm starting to attract more buyers. I also have some buyers books as well. I'm starting to attract a few of those, as well, and they speak highly of the buyer's books as well, a lot of information.

Smart Agents: Maybe you have any last word for me?

Keith: No, I just appreciate what Smart Agents does, and their material is top-notch. Even the extra stuff that they provide on the website, it's really really good stuff.

Smart Agents: We are pleased to hear your feedback and happy that the books are working out for you.

Keith: I like it, too. My bank account's happy, too.

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