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The #1 Mistake Real Estate Agents Make On Their Listing Presentation & How To Fix It

May 2, 2023 12:00:00 PM

As a real estate agent, winning listings is key to growing your business. But, many agents make a common mistake that causes them to lose listings. In this post, we’ll reveal the number one mistake that agents make on their listing presentation and how to fix it.

The mistake is simple: many agents fail to help sellers focus on what matters and understand what to look for in their next real estate agent.

Most sellers don’t know how to choose an agent and don’t understand what agents do. Even worse, the don't know why one agent is better than another. As a result, it’s your job to help them make the right choice.

To do this, you need to tailor your pitch to the seller's needs. Before starting your presentation, ask the seller what they are looking for in an agent. Let them answer and don’t interrupt them. Most of the time, they’ll give a vague answer like “We want someone who will do a great job.” Then, ask leading questions that get the seller to agree that they want to hire an agent who provides the advantages that you have.

For example, if your team’s advantage is in top-notch marketing, ask questions that reinforce this, such as whether the seller wants an agent who takes professional photos of their home and who can negotiate the best deal possible. Get the seller to answer four or five of these questions and let them talk as much as possible about the kind of agent they’re looking for. Then, tailor your presentation to show them that you are that agent.

Once the seller has made it clear what they are looking for, focus on the parts of your presentation that highlight those things. This will give you a huge advantage over all the other agents who talk about things that may not matter to the seller. Most agents just go through the same canned presentation with everyone and don’t focus on the specific seller. By doing this right, you'll win a lot more listings and grow your business faster.

Remember that this isn’t about high-pressure closing. You’re not trying to force the seller to list with you. Instead, you’re helping them make the right decision. And usually, that decision is to list with your team.

In summary, the number one mistake that real estate agents make in their listing presentation is not helping sellers focus on what really matters and understand what to look for in an agent. To fix this mistake, ask the seller what they are looking for in an agent and tailor your pitch to emphasize your unique advantages. By doing this, you can stand out from other agents who give the same generic pitch to everyone and win more listings.

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