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A Good Real Estate Bio/About Me Page Is Important

Oct 11, 2017 10:35:32 AM

What's the first thing a lead looks at when they visit your website? Your bio or about me page.

 It needs to introduce yourself to any viewer while helping you stand out.

You're about me page could win or lose you any potential leads or listings.

You want it to make a connection with any viewer.

Any ads, emails or means you have to bring viewers to your personal or company website, will likely lead the viewer to hit your about page, to learn more about you. This is the first introduction of sorts.

A good bio can bring in clients.

It's a part of your website that shows you are a real person and then lets them build some type of human connection with you.

In fact, about pages on agent's and firm's websites are often some of the worst written pages. So many times it is just done to be finished as soon as possible, cause the agent won't know what to say.

The page needs to sell yourself to people. It can make up a lot of ground in building a connection with a potential customer.

If done right, the bio can create a level of trust for someone before you even meet them.

Start off by interviewing yourself. Come up with a list of question about your start in real estate, your customers, some background from yourself and why you love being in real estate. Don't think about what you write out just write whatever comes to mind and use it as a brainstorming activity.

These notes you come up with are a good start.

This is a massive part of your brand.

Agents with consistent branding have owners come to them. In your bio, you need to define your specialty and differentiating yourself is how you stand out.

Talk about the area you specialize in, but that won't disqualify you from working other areas. This is part of keeping your brand consistent on every platform, something you should be doing.

From social media to flyers, keep the message consistent and clear. It’s what you’re going to be recognized by.

This is no different - and could be the most important.

Be Yourself

Don’t try to write an about page that you think is what people want to hear. Write your about page from your thoughts.

This is something you should do in all your marketing. This is what people really want to see, and this is how that trust and connection get made. They can tell if you are just catering to people.

Show Your Skills

Talk about some finer points of your professional experience. Demonstrate some of your real estate knowledge.

Don't go too much into detail. A new lead is trying to get a general idea of who you are and doesn't need to get bogged down with a lot of details.

Sharing any accomplishments or recent sales isn't a bad idea either. Once again, just don't overload it with too many deeper details.

Keep It In First Person

Don't even have someone else write it and put them as the author. It is hard to connect with someone who isn’t writing in first-person.

Leads will wonder why someone else wrote a short bio about you.

You don't introduce yourself in third-person and it is not different in this situation. Writing this way will make your website visitor feel instantly connected to you.

If someone is writing about you, they'll naturally have less of a connection than you writing it yourself.

Have Pictures On Your Website

You need photos that aren't just your professional ones. If you have and mention a family, then it will good to have a picture of them on the page. Any vacations or events you talk about with your family that you talk about should include those pictures.

Some type of intro video or slideshow also works well. Images are a must for all about pages. It shows that you are human and helps people connect with you.

If you're a Smart Agent member, we do not need your photo for your custom book bio.

We don't have room to include a photo and the pages are black and white, but you'll be on the cover anyways, so the same feature is accomplished.

Break It Down Into Sections

Don't have it in one section and have subheadings for each section. This will keep the viewers on the page longer.

Start with your background in your career and accomplishments then move on to some personal info.

Tell Unique Stories To Stand Out

Tell stories that people will remember and ask about in person. If you stand out here, it can me be a good talking point on the phone or even when you first meet. Share unique stories about your life and your work. This is what people want to learn about you.

This page should be able to tell the audience who you are and give them a quick glance into your life in and even outside of work. Make it stand out enough for a connection to be made. 

Never Sell Yourself in Your Bio

This is the biggest mistake you can make on the about me page. Do not try to say you're the best agent for the job or add in any phrasing that tries to sell yourself to a viewer.

Your about me page is only there for people to get introduced to you and know a little bit of background information.

All it needs to do is create a well-rounded picture of you and your career. That's enough for someone to make a connection with you and be open to working with you.

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avatar_joe Joe Nickelson is a real estate professional dedicated to helping home buyers and sellers achieve their dreams of owning property, and helping real estate agents stop using the sometimes-vicious tactics that weigh on their consciences. He believes that the Smart Agents books will, quite literally, change people’s lives for the better. Check out his full bio here

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