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QUIZ - Are You Working Too Hard and Becoming Inefficient? Find Out!

Jun 12, 2019 2:24:33 PM

Uncertain about whether you make the most of your time? Ask yourself these questions to find out if you're spinning your wheels without creating movement.

Give yourself 0 points for no, 1 point for sometimes and 2 points for always.

  • Do loved ones say they don't talk to you or see you often enough?

If your spouse, children and close friends have expressed they don’t see you enough lately — or, worse, if they’ve given up and stopped reaching out — that’s a good sign you aren’t using your time wisely.

  • Is your email or voicemail inbox clogged with an overwhelming number of unanswered messages from clients and colleagues?

Are you ashamed of how many unanswered emails you have? Are people attempting to leave you voicemail messages and receiving the “Mailbox is full” recording? Better time management means more breathing room to respond to people.

  • Are you grouchy, tired, or short-tempered?

When we don’t have enough time in our schedules dedicated to sleep and relaxation, it has a negative impact. If you find yourself in a bad mood and unable to decompress, you probably need to rethink your schedule.

  • Are you missing out on fun weekends or evenings to continue working?

No time to take long bike rides on Saturday morning or attend picnics on Sunday afternoon because you’re engulfed in work? This is a recipe for a miserable life. You shouldn’t have to work your fingers to the bone seven days a week to have success.

  • Do you just feel as though you aren't getting enough done?

Despite the all work and no play lifestyle, are you dissatisfied at how much you’re getting done or where your business is headed? That’s a surefire sign that you’re working too hard and lacking efficiency.

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0-4 You might need a tweak or two to achieve optimal efficiency, but you’re almost there. Good job.

5-7 Slow it down. Step back, try my tips for becoming efficient, and establish better work and life balance before it gets out of hand.

8-10 Take a break right now — you, my friend, are working too hard and suffering from a lack of balance. It’s time to reassess and become efficient for better business and a happier life.



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