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Robert is Taking on a New Niche: Divorces!

Aug 31, 2018 10:42:56 AM

"I actually need to go and order a whole bunch more. Because I went up and met with 14 different divorce lawyers and handed out a whole bunch of books, and they're all gone."

Robert just recently started using the books, and he's taking a targeted approach to track down divorce leads.

"I went in and introduced myself and gave them the book and said, 'This is something I can do for you. I can take this load of your hands. So when people come in and they need to sell their home because they're going through divorce, you can just give them this book. That takes that load off your hands, and if they're interested in what I have to say in the book, then they're going to call me. And if they're not, well that's okay, too.'"

The Smart Agents Team looks forward to hearing all about your success, Robert!

Listen to his story here, and check out more stories like this on our YouTube page!   





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