Issue #4 · December 2023

Highlights in this issue...

Lessons in Success from Award-Winning Agent Alexis Bolin

The Personal Branding Issue with Content Creation Tips from Dr. Angela Mulrooney

Swipe Files: A Month of Brand-Aligned Social Content

Brandface’s Strategies to Develop Your Personal Brand

How to Program Your Subconscious for Real Estate Success with Joey Drolshagen

Meet Our Featured Agents in this issue

We showcase top-notch agents who have made a significant mark in the real estate industry. Explore their stories, gather useful tips, and learn the strategies behind their achievements.

Alexis Bolin

With over four decades of experience, Alexis Bolin, a licensed real estate professional since 1978, boasts a distinguished career. Recognized as one of the Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Northwest Florida in 2009, she received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Residential Real Estate Council in 2021. Joining Keller Williams Realty Gulf Coast in 2017 after 39 years with a franchise, Alexis is celebrated for her unwavering commitment to excellence and breaking barriers in the industry.

Tonya Eberhart

Tonya Eberhart, CEO of BrandFace, LLC, redefines personal branding globally. An international bestselling author and speaker, her innovative work empowers professionals through transformative branding strategies. Her mantra: "Great branding changes how others see you and how you see yourself."

Michael Carr

Michael Carr, Co-Founder of BrandFace, LLC, is a real estate branding expert and bestselling author known as the Abundant Life Broker®. With a background in auctioneering and a history of selling over 78,000 homes, he transformed his local brokerage using BrandFace's exclusive personal branding strategies, quadrupling the business in a year. Michael now leads a global team, sharing unparalleled personal branding systems to empower professionals worldwide.

Dr. Angela Mulrooney

Dr. Angela Mulrooney, a global speaker, bestselling author, social media expert, and dental business coach, is dedicated to unlocking the potential of dentists in North America. Specializing in brand development and streamlining the entrepreneurial journey, Angela transforms chaos into organization, enabling her clients to operate at peak performance year-round.

D'nette Wood

With deep roots in New Mexico, DNette Wood has been a real estate agent since 1999. A music major graduate, she brings a diverse background from Nashville's music scene. Appointed by Governors Johnson and Richardson to the State Investment Council, DNette has played a key role in the state's economic initiatives. 

Joseph Drolshagen

Joseph Droshagen, founder of IFGT Life Coaching, is a three-time top coach in America. With a 28-year successful career and over three decades of study, he's developed the SMT™ Method, transforming nearly a thousand lives. He empowers business owners, entrepreneurs, realtors, and sales professionals to exceed expectations through subconscious conditioning retraining.

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