Issue #6 · February 2024

Highlights in this issue...

Melissa Tucci on Building Major-League Strategic Partnerships

The Enduring Principles Behind Social Media Sensation Conor Kelly

Swipe Files: 10 Faceless Video Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents on TikTok and Beyond.

Smart Bookkeeping Strategies with Caryn Silvius for Maximizing Real Estate Profits

Chris Miles on How Agents Can Optimize Cash Flow and More!!

Meet Our Featured Agents in this issue

We showcase top-notch agents who have made a significant mark in the real estate industry. Explore their stories, gather useful tips, and learn the strategies behind their achievements.

Melissa Tucci

As a licensed Broker, Melissa has achieved remarkable success, with over $32 million in gross sales last year alone and involvement in over 142 transactions in 2005, doubling in 2007-2010. Recognized as the #1 Century 21 Agent in the Western Region and consistently ranked in the Top 1% of Century 21, Melissa has earned prestigious accolades such as the Double Centurion and Grand Centurion. Beyond her professional achievements, Melissa holds a degree in Advertising/Marketing and a Minor in Psychology from Indiana University, showcasing her well-rounded approach. With proficiency in Short Sales, BPOs, REO bank properties, and various loan programs, Melissa is dedicated to providing her clients with personalized service, professionalism, and knowledge.

Chris Miles

Chris Miles, a Cash Flow Expert and Anti-Financial Advisor, charted a unique path to financial freedom after realizing the limitations of traditional investments like 401k's and mutual funds. Chris is an accomplished author, and podcast host of the Money Ripples Podcast. He has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Entrepreneurs on Fire, and BiggerPockets, solidifying his reputation for delivering outstanding financial results. His clients have collectively increased their cash flow by over $300 million in the last 13 years.

Brenda Reyes

With 20 years of real estate experience, Brenda brings a wealth of knowledge to serve as a trusted partner in transactions, consistently placing her client's best interests at the forefront. In addressing the challenges posed by platforms like Facebook, Brenda highlights the Neighbors app as a solution, emphasizing its localized and targeted approach to ensuring connections with individuals in the immediate vicinity. Recognizing the efficiency of this strategy, especially in geographic farming, Brenda, as a dedicated real estate professional, leverages her expertise to maximize results and streamline the investment of time for her clients.

Caryn Silvius

Caryn's career journey began as a bookkeeper at a small California mom-and-pop shop, where she honed her skills. After eight years, she transitioned to Idaho, taking on roles as an accounting and sales manager at a multi-million dollar CAD software company, playing a crucial part in financial management and sales growth. Following the company's acquisition, Caryn ventured into real estate, building a successful team with her husband and assisting colleagues in financial organization. Today, leveraging her extensive bookkeeping expertise, Caryn passionately provides top-notch services to businesses of all sizes.

Conor Kelly

That agent Kelly, also known as "Conor," is a former plumber who transitioned into a successful career as a realtor and social media star. In his inaugural year in real estate, Conor achieved an impressive 57 deals, with the majority of his clients sourced through social media channels. Building on this success, he now leads a team of agents, providing coaching on replicating his social media-driven approach while actively maintaining his sales business. Conor's journey reflects his prowess in leveraging social media for real estate success and his commitment to sharing that expertise with his team.

Chris Audette

Chris, featured in Real Estate Magazine as one of the 300+ Top Newsmakers for 2022 and 2023 in Canada/USA, is a distinguished figure in the real estate industry. His innovative property marketing, earning him four international awards, has been celebrated for its creativity and inspiration. A sought-after speaker and advisor, Chris has shared his insights on various real estate topics in television, magazines, podcasts, and online publications, covering leadership, marketing, sales, online optimization, and consumer tips. Honored to be among the top professionals in the #1 production office for the Re/Max network Worldwide, Chris and The Group at Re/Max First have swiftly risen to prominence, consistently ranking among the top teams in Western Canada for Re/Max.

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