Issue #5 · January 2024

Highlights in this issue...

Kyle Seyboth from Student of the Game to #1 Realtor Nationwide

Smart Takes on Lead Generation: Understanding Top-of-Funnel Content plus Unique Ways to Leverage Content and Socials

Swipe Files: The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation

Building Client Trust with Eirik Davey-Gislason

Meet Our Featured Agents in this issue

We showcase top-notch agents who have made a significant mark in the real estate industry. Explore their stories, gather useful tips, and learn the strategies behind their achievements.

Kyle Seyboth

Kyle Seyboth

Broker Owner of Century 21 Limitless and affiliated offices, stands as one of Rhode Island's most trusted and top-selling realtors. Recognized as the #1 Realtor Nationwide by Wall Street Journal/ Real Trends in 2019 and nominated as a Top 10 National Real Estate Producer from 2018-2020, Kyle's commitment to client satisfaction is evident in his impressive sales record, including 448 units totaling over $179 million in 2022 and 575 units totaling over $227 million in 2021. Beyond his role in real estate, Kyle is a seasoned property investor, sought after by those looking to grow their portfolios in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Alan Kushmakov

Alan Kushmakov

The dynamic CEO of Best Homes Real Estate, a seasoned professional who has left an indelible mark in the real estate landscape. With a career spanning over the sale of 400 homes and a sales volume exceeding $148 million, Alan's expertise is evident in his impressive track record. As a solo agent, he consistently closed over 70 deals annually before building a formidable team of over 15 agents. Alan's entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish his own brokerage and launch additional ventures, including Best Rate Home Loans and Best Homes Title.

Brennen Clouse

Brennen Clouse

A distinguished real estate luminary based in Seattle, WA, and a prominent figure within Real Broker LLC as an affiliate of the Independent/Other brand. Brennen's expertise garnered national recognition, notably ranking 44 in Seattle for transaction sides and securing the 35th spot for residential sales volume as an individual agent by RealTrends in 2023. 

Daniel Alfon

Daniel Alfon

A seasoned professional dedicated to empowering business owners through the strategic use of LinkedIn. Specializing in helping entrepreneurs and executives leverage their presence on the world's most powerful business community, Daniel's expertise is geared towards generating valuable leads. As the author of "Build a LinkedIn Profile for Business Success" and a LinkedIn member since 2004, he brings a wealth of experience to the table. With personalized programs and premium packages, Daniel has assisted thousands of executives in growing their businesses, making him a trusted resource for those looking to unlock the full potential of LinkedIn for professional success.

Eirik  Davey-Gislason

Eirik  Davey-Gislason

A distinguished Master Certified Negotiation Expert, Instructor, and Coach affiliated with the Real Estate Negotiation Institute (RENI), and an Associate Real Estate Broker at Brown Harris Stevens in Manhattan. Boasting an impressive 16 years of real estate experience in New York City, Eirik has held various roles including Agent, Manager, Coach, and Director of Sales. A proud member of REBNY and NYRAC, Eirik is not only a seasoned professional but also an avid contributor to the real estate community. He frequently shares his insights on Collaborative Negotiation as a speaker, panelist, and contributor. Additionally, Eirik showcases his expertise through his blogs, "Unreal Estate" and "Growing the Pie," establishing himself as a prominent figure in the dynamic real estate landscape.

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