Issue #7 · March 2024

Highlights in this issue...

Franco Perez on Bridging the Gap: Making Homeownership Accessible

Sophia Dagnon on How to Leverage Emotions for Effective Marketing Strategy

Swipe Files: Maximizing Testimonials to Earn Client Trust — Best Practices and Easy Scripts for a Structured Approach

Mike Swenson on Investor Partnership plus Tips on How to Get Started

Leadership Insights from Amy Terry and More!!

Meet Our Featured Agents in this issue

We showcase top-notch agents who have made a significant mark in the real estate industry. Explore their stories, gather useful tips, and learn the strategies behind their achievements.

Franco Perez

Franco Perez is a passionate advocate for affordable housing and the founder of Franco Mobile Homes. With over a decade of real estate experience, Franco's journey from struggling youth to mobile home experts drives his mission to break the stigma surrounding affordable housing. Through Franco Mobile Homes, he provides modern, affordable homeownership opportunities, empowering families to achieve their dreams of owning a home regardless of their financial background.

Matt Shoup

Matt Shoup is a dynamic entrepreneur with a proven track record of success across multiple industries. As the President of M & E Painting and Roofing, M & E Real Estate Ventures, and MattShoup.com, he exemplifies leadership and innovation. Matt is a sought-after expert in business development and branding. His dedication to excellence has earned him numerous accolades, including being named one of 40 Under 40 Business Leaders by the Northern Colorado Business Report in 2013.

Sophia Dagnon

Sophia Dagnon is a leading figure in customer insights and copywriting, serving as the Head of Customer Insights and Copy at GetUplift. At this dynamic boutique CRO consultancy, Sophia spearheads a talented team dedicated to helping high-growth brands such as Bitly and Strata forge deeper connections with their customers and drive conversions.

Mike Swenson

Mike Swenson is a seasoned real estate expert renowned for his remarkable achievements in the industry. As the former COO of a Twin Cities-based real estate team, he played a pivotal role in growing the team to over 50 agents across 5 states, closing an impressive 619 transactions. Recognized as the 31st largest team in the United States in 2019, Mike's leadership paved the way for unparalleled success. As the founder of Elite Advantage Properties, he continues to empower investors to build wealth through real estate while sharing valuable insights through his REL Freedom podcast, boasting over 125 episodes.

Amy Terry

Amy Terry is a highly accomplished real estate professional with a stellar track record of success. Starting her career with Re/Max at just 16, she quickly rose through the ranks, mastering administrative skills and advanced real estate marketing. As a licensed broker and owner of 8Z Real Estate in Littleton since 2010, Amy's expertise has earned her recognition in Re/Max's executive and 100% club. Specializing in assisting first-time buyers and relocators, Amy's achievements speak volumes about her dedication and proficiency in the industry.

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