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“If you’re the one that can turn them from being a failure, to being a success and put them in that first home, they’re going to send everybody that they know your way.”
“No one is making a half-a-million-dollar decision with someone they just found on the internet.”
“I just thought, ‘Well, gosh, someone's getting 3% to just do nothing?’ And I just didn't think that that was the way it should be.
“Nobody really fails out of the business too often because they're not a contracts professor, but they do fail out because they can't get their hands on the business.”
“Statistics will tell you that if you're a specialist, you make over double what you do as a generalist, whether you're in residential or commercial.”
“You have to listen for those key little things.”
“I plan my life and then use real estate as a way to fund that life.”
“I really took that time to build a bond and build that virtual network with the agents.”
“For Sales By Owner is one of the best listing leads you can get out there, but it costs like $50 to $100 a month just to get the list.”
“Agents stay where they're at or they leave where they're at because of the leader there.”