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On this page you will find customizable resources and scripts to boost your lead generation and maximize conversion.

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Letter Templates

Use these letters as standalone items or as part of your marketing package. You can customize them for your business and edit them however you’d like. You can drag on a brokerage logo, add a headshot and more in these easy-to-use word document templates. Simply fill in your information anywhere text is highlighted in yellow, then remove the yellow highlight before you print.

Email Templates

Use these email templates to craft emails to former and prospective clients. You can customize them for your business and edit them however you’d like. You can copy and paste them into individual emails or set them up to send through your bulk email provider. Simply fill in your information anywhere text is highlighted in yellow, then remove the yellow highlight before you send.

Phone Call Scripts

These call scripts are written to prospect to a multitude of leads in various real estate niches.

Voicemail Scripts

Use these scripts when you reach a prospect's voicemail.

Text Message Templates

Send these text messages to former and prospective clients to touch base with them and potentially earn their business or referrals.

Social Media Templates

Post these templates to your social media profiles as is, or edit/customize them for your own business. There are templates targeting a variety of real estate niches.

Objection Handlers

If you’ve been in the real estate industry for any length of time, you’ve probably encountered objections from homeowners. Download our scripts to get a leg up the next time a potential client won’t commit to working with you.

Client Review Templates

Use these templates to compile and send your best client reviews to prospective clients. Simply copy and paste your own reviews in place of the examples provided, and insert your own photos from homes you’ve helped clients buy and sell (where applicable).

Home Description Templates

Not sure what to write to make your listings sing? We’ve included a short guide on words that sell — and words to avoid. Plus, use our templates as a springboard to craft top-notch listing ads on a variety of platforms.

  • Better Home Description Guide

    Sometimes, it can be tough to figure out how to talk about a home so it appeals to buyers and entices them to schedule a showing. 

    What makes a well-written, inviting home description? It’s a balance between describing the home for what it is and highlighting all of its best qualities. But be careful -- according to US News and World Report, there are certain “buzz” phrases that annoy or discourage potential buyers and are best avoided. These are:

    • Priced to Sell
    • Cozy
    • Luxury
    • Up-and-Coming 
    • Updated
    • “Handyman Special” or “Needs TLC” or “Fixer”
    • Walking Distance
    • “This home has it all,” “endless possibilities” or other abstractions without details.

    If you’re writing your own home descriptions, there are a few things to keep in mind:

    • Construct an opening statement that will give buyers a reason to continue reading. 
    • Use compelling and creative language to offer home details. 
    • Stick to the 250 or below advised word count. 
    • Don’t use all capital letters or too many exclamation points. 
    • Avoid real estate jargon or abbreviations.
    • Be honest about the home. 
    • Follow Fair Housing guidelines, and don’t use discriminatory language. 
    • Proofread for errors. 
    • Create two or three description options and test what buyers respond to more often. 
    • Ask others for feedback. 
    • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms don’t necessarily need to go in the description, since those stats appear elsewhere. However, you might want to include them in a longer listing on a flier or other printed material. 

    While being honest is imperative in a home description (don’t say the kitchen is “renovated” if all the owners did was paint the walls) there are certain words and phrases that buyers tend to like. This article from Zillow shares how certain words attract buyers and can even, in some cases, cause a home to sell for a higher price.

  • Home Description Templates

Easy-Close Listing Presentation

Your listing presentation is crucial! It takes a lot of time, energy, and effort to secure a listing appointment. So, it pays off big to make sure your presentation is solid, so you win the listing. Download the editable listing presentation and make it your own!

Easy-Close Marketing Package

This package should be mailed to or dropped off to the seller prior to making the first phone call. Sending this package ensures all future phone calls are no longer cold calls but rather warm calls. Download and modify the contents to fit your business.

*Note- More niche specific cover letters can be found in the Letters sections above.